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COVID-19 Resources

Posted Date: 03/16/2020

 COVID-19 Resources


A letter from your MJHS School Counselor…

Dear Parents and Guardians of our MJHS students,

We know that you will now have students in your homes for the next 2 weeks. As a school counselor, I want to encourage you to limit your children’s exposure to the media and remain calm about this issue with your children in order to help them address their fears.

Below are listed some resources from the American School Counselor Association website to help you and your student understand COVID 19 and discuss it together.

Here is s short video of information from BrainPop.

Another resource is here for stress that may be felt around the unsure feelings of COVID19.

This video gives many details about the virus, and it can be translated into any language.

I know that we are off school, but if your family has had a tough time over this break with changes or stresses, please be sure to check in with your school counselor. I am always available by email (see below), and I am here to help.

I hope these resources are helpful. Have a nice break!

Sonia Kibe, M.Ed.

MJHS School Counselor