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Sharon Lawrence

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It’s Earth Day!!  April 22, 2020

every day earth day

Earth Day, Every Day

The Lorax

Google Classroom Codes for Mrs. Lawrence's Seventh Grade Science

1st period: o3dddbr

3rd period: ec5gn3j

4th period: xg5dfxs

7th period: 7m3piz3

8th period: xsw7z5r

9th period: kvehsgx


Seventh Grade Science

AMI Directions

AMI Days 1-5

Graphs – Charts – Tables:

  1. #18 and #10 – Two parts from this packet should be completed each day. 
  2. Answer on a clean sheet of paper.
  3. Make sure to number and label work with detail tp receive fill credit. 

1-3 A      1-3 B      1-3 C      1-3 D      1-3 E      4      5

AMI Days 6-10

Green Sheet – Writing Prompts

  1. Choose one writing to complete each day. 
  2. Write a ½ to 1-page essay that answers the chosen prompt. 


Writing Prompts for Days 6-10