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Dallas Herrmann

Herrmann videos

Mr. Herrmann’s Instructional Videos

AMI Day 4 Video Links

Video #1

Video #2

AMI Day 5 Video Links

Video #1

Video #2

AMI Day 6 Video Link

Day 6 Video

"The video gives another example of combining like terms. On the Day 6 assignment, you must combine like terms first when solving the equations. Only do the front side #1-10"  

AMI Day 7 Video Link

Day 7 Video

“The video may help you with the Priya comic book problem; please view from 9:30 to 12:32. This video gives another example of a line with a negative slope. The point (6, 0) represents the x intercept, which is where the graph touches the x axis. It tells you that it will take Elena 6 weeks of paying her brother back in order to have a debt of $0.”

AMI Day 8 Video Links 

The first video shows an example of finding the x intercept of the graph of a linear equation

Video #1

The second video shows examples of how to determine the coordinate pairs of solutions to equations in two variables."

Video #2



If you have access to the internet:

  1. Sign in to Google Classroom
  2. Complete the assignments for the days(s) school is out. 

If you do not have access to the internet you will need to complete the paper copy of each assignment. 

Paper Assignments:  

Days 1-10