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Enroll a New Student


Thank you for choosing South Conway School District and Morrilton Junior High School.
There are a few items that we will need in order to enroll your student. Please bring your student's social security card and birth certificate. In addition to the social security card and birth certificate, we will require you to complete online registration as well as a few other forms. Those forms include an enrollment form, records request, course request, and some permission type forms for that refer to our student handbook. (Click on the "student handbook" page to look through the handbook.)

Steps for Enrollment

1.    Online registration is now open for all South Conway County School District students.

Click here for SCCSD Online Registration    

***Please remember this information needs to be updated as changes happen throughout the school year.***

2.    Enrollment Form

       This information is mostly the same information that is on the online form. We like to have a back-up in the event we cannot access the online forms.

Click here for a blank enrollment form.

3.    Student Records Request

       This form will allow us to contact your previous school and obtain your records.

 Click Here for Records Request Form.

4.    Course Request

        This form will allow you to request the courses that you would like to be placed in. 

 Click here for 7th-grade course request form.  

 Click here for 8th -grade course request form.

5.    Student Handbook and Handbook Signature Pages

Click Here for the MJHS Student Handbook.

Click here for the MJHS Student Handbook signature pages. (Coming Soon)