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Christmas Break

December 25 - January 8

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Jr High Announcements

Jr High All-Region Band

HUGE congratulations are in order for our students who qualified for Junior High All-Region Band today! These students competed with large band programs like Greenbrier, Conway, and Russellville today and still excelled. Only a small percentage of students who audition actually qualify and this is a HUGE deal!

Chloe Mitchell - 1st Band Clarinet
Lynlee Rankin - Alternate Clarinet
Kelton McGhee - 1st Band Trumpet
Darien Newsome - 2nd Band Trumpet 
Emma Gannaway - 2nd Band Trombone
Romello Nicholson - 1st Band Tuba (SECOND OVERALL)
Emma Bertram - 1st Band Tuba

Order Your Yearbook Today!

Order your yearbook now and save! Go to yearbookforever.com to order. 

Save $10 by ordering now through Dec 31. COST: $27

Jan. 1-Jan. 31 COST: $32

When books arrive:  COST $37 IF AVAILABLE.  Don't count on extras to be ordered. 

See Mrs. Grant if you have questions.


Spelling Bee - County Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following students for qualifying for the Conway County Spelling Bee. 

  1. Lia Lawson
  2. Emily Littleton
  3. Elijah Orsbun
  4. Aurora Riddle

The 7th and 8th grade CSU will meet on Mondays!  Everyone is welcome to join us. Meeting are during lunch.

Toy Drive

Beginning on Monday, December 11th, the MJHS Beta Club will be sponsoring a community-wide toy drive for a local agency known as Room 29:11. This agency helps provide needs foster children all over Conway County.  Please consider bringing a NEW toy to be donated to the children for Christmas. There will be a drop-off box located in the front office foyer of our building. Beta members who donate a new toy will be given Level 1 service time BUT MUST CHECK-IN WITH THEIR BETA SPONSOR BEFORE PUTTING THE TOY IN THE BOX.

Coat Drive

The Science Club is sponsoring a Coat Drive.  If you have a clean coat that you have outgrown please bring it and place it in the box outside Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. Thomas' classroom.  All coats will be donated to those in need.  Please bring only CLEAN COATS.  NEW COATS OR MONEY WILL BE ALSO ACCEPTED.

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Phone: 501-354-9437
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